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About me

During my various roles as a Senior Digital Developer, Technical lead and Manager, I have been pivotal in creating high quality campaigns, interfaces, games and Facebook applications driving user engagement and interactivity.

Throughout mycareer I have learnt the art of time management and meeting tight deadlines to create high quality work to achieve clients' goals and expectations. I am a committed and driven team player with a passion for continuous improvement in an ever evolving industry. I always strive tokeep involved with cutting edge technologies and techniques in my field.

My broad skill-setfrom design through to development and people leading, has given me a thorough understanding of the web-space and allowed me to participate in a wide range of projects. I have been commended for my attention to detail and capacity to manage critical tasks to achieve effective results.

In my current position as Web Development Manager and Vodafone NZ, I have revelled in the challenges of the mixed responsibilities of people management and front-end Technical Lead for the various digital channels.

I am passionate about bringing the visual arts to life in the web space through interactivity and animation to create beautiful and creative user experience.

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Other tooling used includes NPM, Yarn, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack. Helper libraries including underscore, SASS compiling and Babel for ES6 conversion. Unit testing with Karma, Jasmine, Sinon, Jest & Flow. Sublime Text, Jira, Jenkins, Inkscape.

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